Pulp Culture

by The Chelsea Kills

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Travis Button This is one of those albums that after you push play and say to yourself "holy (insert expletive here)! that song was awesome." Continue on and you say it again, and again, and again. Finally you get to the end of the album and all you can really do is push repeat. It's one of those kind of albums. Favorite track: I Fall Out.
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The 2nd full length from Philadelphia based stunt-driving deviants The Chelsea Kills. Originally released in 2012 it was re-released on Fleeting Youth Records (Austin, TX) in November of 2013. A raucous mix of poppy, pleasure points and punky, postmortem, premeditated aggression. Pulp Culture provides a mattress of jello and a cinder block trampoline to simultaneously caress and sadistically stimulate the troubled adolescent.


released November 26, 2013

Guitar/Vox- Sam Mercurio
Bass/Vox- Sam Boles
Drums- Ethan Weiss

Backup Vox on "Eyes Like Mine"- Emilia Richman

All Music Written by The Chelsea Kills
except "Reatard" Written by Max King and The Chelsea Kills
All Lyrics Written by Sam Mercurio
except "Hey Tony" Written by Emilia Richman
and "Reatard" Written by Sam Mercurio and Max King

Album Artwork by Owen Mercurio, Keren Verker and Sarah Green

Engineered by Joe Reinhart
Recorded at Headroom Studios
Produced by The Chelsea Kills and Joe Reinhart
Mixed by Joe Reinhart
Mastered at The Maniac Mansion

Thanks to everyone who supported us and gave us applesauce enemas when we were feeling down. And JOE REINHART FOR BEING THE FUCKING MAN.

All lyrics are available free.



all rights reserved


The Chelsea Kills Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tricked out PHL based Pop-Rock quartet.

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Track Name: Germany
I'm gonna run away to Germany
I'm gonna hide from everyone
I'm gonna walk real slow
Out to Chicago
I'm gonna hide from everyone

Cause' I can't stop
Hurting myself
I don't want your help

She likes the way I sing
So don't clip my dirty wings
I'm gonna fly from everyone
I'm gonna fly away
From Phil-adel-phi-A
I'm gonna fly from everyone

Cause' I can't stop
Hurting myself
I don't want your help
Track Name: My Girl
You, you know your on my mind
You know its all the time
You, you know your all I see
When your next to me
Or your far from me

You look weak and I feel strong
How great it must feel when you belong
My baby, My girl
You, I see you walking by
I see you every night
I, I get so high
I do it every night

You look chic and I look wrong
How great it must feel when you belong
My baby, My girl

Scream, I wanna hear you scream
You know its in my dreams
It's always in my dreams
I wanna watch you die
I want it every night
Track Name: Hey Tony
Hey Tony, I'm pretty sad
Cause' I thought it would be me
Who beat you to the punch
To meet eternity

If you could've seen us crying
You would have laughed
In all our face
I guess it must feel good
To be out of this place

The world will always love
The junkies and the drama queenz
To bad that you're not around
To have to brood over what that means

Sometimes when I'm alone
I like to think of where you are
You know I'd like to think that
You're not that far
Track Name: I Fall Out
I wake up, and I look around
I'm still coming down
Twenty-six dollars, I need some more
When I go downtown
Why do I bother? If its such a chore
Just to hang around
It used to kill me, but it don't hurt no more
Since I came around

It hurts so good
Feels so bad
Hurts so good
The best I ever had

I fall out, I'm turning blue
Nothing they can do
I lie here wasted, in an empty room
A coming up rose blue moon
Why do they bother? If I'm such a whore
When I go downtown
It used to kill me, but it don't hurt no more
Since I came around
Track Name: Goodbye Kid
Are you really mine?
I don't know
Is it for real?
Is it just for show?

You're so proud
You know you stole my time
You don't deserve
To feel so high

If you heard half the words I said
You would know I love you better
You just wanna take my head
Show it off on a silver platter

Goodbye, goodbye kid
I won't cry, goodbye

Has it begun?
Am I just dumb?
I'm just a kid
I'll suck my thumb

You hurt yourself
Why should I care?
You hurt my heart
Why should I spare you?

If you saw half the tears I cried
You would know I loved you better
You know I'd rather lose my eyes
Than to watch you leave me
Broke and Battered
Track Name: When You Walk By
I bleed out my eyes
When you walk by
My neck, you know my body's a wreck
My back, you know my spine just cracked

You don't know about the shape I'm in
You don't really know about it

My lungs, you know your legs drop bombs
My hair, is everywhere
When you walk by
My skin, its turned so yellow again
I creak, I think I just sprung a leak
Track Name: Jesus Box
She got a Jesus box
and she won't forget
She got a Jesus box
yeah her plans are set
She got a purple bow
and a magnetic field
She got a golden glow
but her lips are sealed

She got a Jesus box
it keeps her up at night
Because when Jesus talks
she always listens right
She got them labor pains
she got a mind to kill
Because all the sins a stain
she's cleaning up the spill


She got a Jesus box
and she won't forget
Because when Jesus talks
you're close to heaven yet
She got a steady hand
a simple mind
She does what murder can
through a soul divine

Track Name: Rainbowspaceshuttleman
I'm a rainbow space shuttle man
Crashing into the sun
Track Name: You Said it Yourself
You said it yourself
That I would get behind
But I always knew, that you couldn't be right

You said it yourself
You gotta make your dimes
But I knew myself, that you were out of time

You said it yourself
That I was falling out
But you never knew, what I was falling about

I never cared for my health
I only cared for my youth
Now I'm looking around, for a shred of truth

Now its all coming down
And I can't turn it around
I been beat to the ground
Like a teenage animal

Now we're all going wild
There's no stopping a child
From getting what he wants, when he wants it bad

I'm gonna hop on out
I'm gonna slice them reigns
And you know pretty soon, you'll be doing the same

You said it yourself
That I was losing my mind
You said it yourself
Every time
Track Name: Reatard
The way you break my heart
Makes me feel like a reatard
Oh yeah
The way you break my balls
You put my back against the wall
Oh yeah
The way you make me die
You know you make my mother cry
Oh yeah
The way you knock me down
You put my face into the ground
Oh yeah

You don't wanna know

The way you string me out
I'm too weak to even shout
Oh yeah
The way you break my heart
You make me feel like a reatard
Oh yeah

The way you break my heart
Makes me feel like a reatard
Oh yeah
When the smack begins to flow
A sweet incandescent glow
Oh yeah
Track Name: Under I-95
I'm taking a ride to the other side
All I wanna be is dead
I'll kneel on the bank of the Delaware
A put a bullet in my head
I won't flinch no I wont cry out
I don't wanna be alive
It's all a dirty lie I hope you find me there
Bleeding under 95

I lost my job all the money's gone
The liquor don't sting no more
My baby's headed up to New York City
She left me standing by the door
Mama, I'm so young and that sun's so old
How he keeps shining on I don't know
Because it hurts so bad, all I've known is sad
I'm so sick of booting whiskey and blow

Well I ain't got long this is my last song
Before I kneel down to die
Eighteen years and I'm sick of living
Heaven knock me down to size
It's so cold outside I got my forty-five
As I stumble on through the mud
All the city lights behind the dirty night
As the river blows away my blood
Track Name: D.E.A.D.
All messed up without a word to say
Every night turns into every day
It's the end, for all my friends
We're Dead

All my thoughts they turn right into sand
All my teachers never understand
That it's in my plan, they think I'm damned
But I'm Dead

Slit my wrists and I would break my bones
Pray to God that I could be alone
He never understands, it's in my plan
Cause' I'm Dead
Track Name: Joyride on The Crystal Ship
I'm on a crystal ship
I'm sure that you ain't hip to it yet
I'm on another plain
Below the worlds stays the same
I'm tired of hanging around
I wanna do something for a change
I wanna lose my mind
Get off and have a good time
We're on the other side
I'm tired from crawling round' all night
White heat, in my bones
Builds up like a bomb behind my eyes

Gimme, gimme everything

We're on a crystal ship
Too cool, too hip to give a shit
Don't wanna fly no plane
Joyride around the crystal way
We're tired of hanging around
We're gonna do something for a change
So bored with everything
We're gonna buy our way to fame
Track Name: Young Blood
All day you feel uptight
I feel wrong when I do right
The street is full of thieves
I cringe when I say please

I get by every night
All my friends want to die
It's so hard to care
When you're going nowhere

It goes on and on
Even though your heart's not in it
You look so mad
With your pinpoint eyes
Looking down at the crowd
I know you won't forgive them
You've already won
Because you're full of young blood

At the church skateboards fly
You're at work and it's not nice
The street is full of thieves
You cringe when you believe

You get high every night
All your friends want to die
It's so hard to care
When you're going nowhere
Track Name: Eyes Like Mine
I love my lady
I love my girl
No matter what the world is
No matter when the time

I'll never live to lose those
Eyes like mine

I love the ocean
I love the sea
No matter what the world
No matter high the tide

I'll never live to lose those
Eyes like mine

I love my Jesus
But I never stop to pray
No matter what the word is
No matter when the time

I'll never live to lose those
Eyes like mine